cooprowWe are not certified organic but grow all our produce and poultry using responsibly grown as good as organic practices,  we choose not to certify at this time, partially due to watered down standards but mostly due to the very high annual cost and paperwork. We are in the process of applying to get a Certified Naturally Grown Certification.



Our chickens are raised naturally, hormone-free, chemical-free, on pasture of grasses, flowers and herbs, and get a large percentage of their diet from the pasture and the bugs and worms within it. The rest of their diet is from 100% all natural scratch using locally grown corn, wheat and oats and Sunrise Farm Non-GMO natural feed. Our quail are also fed Sunrise Farm Non-GMO natural feed, their feed is tested and guaranteed Non GMO. We are experimenting with our quail being raised on pasture too, we plan on moving all the quail to pasture pens this fall. I have not found anyone in the US that offers pasture raised quail eggs. Hopefully we can succeed with this, so far it’s working well!