Marans Hatching Eggs


Sorry, sold out for 2020!

French Black Copper Marans Hatching eggs for sale.

Our chickens are fed local grain and forage on fresh green pasture every day in season and†home-grown sprouts in winter. Eggs are medication and hormone-free. Eggs are large and dark brown and gathered fresh every day.

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Shipping Hatching Eggs

Shipping hatching eggs is always a bit risky because no matter how well they are packed they can have a bit of a rough journey through the mail system. We bubble wrap each egg individually and double box. All boxes are CLEARLY labeled as fragile. If you want us to have the eggs held for pickup for you at the post office let us know that at checkout and we will write your contact phone number on top of the box.

If your eggs arrive damaged immediately take pictures of the outside of the box with itís clear labeling as well as the eggs damaged in the inside and contact us. We will file a claim with the post office and replace the hatching eggs for free with the customer paying for shipping.

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Weight 2.5 lbs